Wire transfers

The Wire transfer payment method allows you to provide payment instructions to your customers, such as the bank details and communication. They are displayed:

  • at the end of the checkout process, once the customer has selected Wire transfer as a payment method and clicked the Pay now button:

    Payment instructions at checkout
  • on the customer portal:

    Payment instructions on the customer portal


  • While this method is very accessible and requires minimal setup, it is very inefficient process-wise. We recommend setting up a payment provider instead.

  • Online orders remain in the Quotation sent (i.e., unpaid order) stage until you receive the payment and Confirm the order.


Wire transfer can be used as a template for other payment methods that are processed manually, such as checks, by renaming or duplicating it.


To configure Wire Transfer, go to Accounting / Website ‣ Configuration ‣ Payment Providers, and open the Wire Transfer card. Then, in the Configuration tab:

  • Select the Communication to be used;

    • Based on Document Reference: sales order or invoice number

    • Based on Customer ID: customer identifier

  • Tick the Enable QR codes check box to activate QR code payments.

Define the payment instructions in the Messages tab:

Define payment instructions

If you have already defined a bank account, the account number will be automatically added to the default message generated by Odoo.