Sale Procurement Plan. 自定义MRP销售安排

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Manual set how product supply in Sale order. sale order manufacture plan , purchase plan, use stock plan.
Set every product supply by manufacture + buy + use stock.
Add a manual node before normal procurement.增加人工控制的补货组。

¥ 1,230.20 1230.2 CNY ¥ 772.19 不含增值税

¥ 772.19 不含增值税

优惠: 中国用户9折 专项额外优惠 专项优惠券

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IDOL, KOL, MCN management

People and company manage for cyberspace.

Lastest update: v16.23.07.31

IDOL, KOL, MCN management
The features is still on building, only for chinese:
  • 1. IDOL, Cyber star, celebirty, KOL Key Opinion Leader manager as crm
  • 2. MCN Multi-Channel Network Business management as company.
  • 3. Online shop sync as website_sale.
  • 11. Multi-language Support. Multi-Company Support.
  • 12. Support Odoo 16,15,14,13,12, Enterprise and Community and Edition.
  • 13. Full Open Source.

1. IDOL, Cyber star, celebirty, KOL Key Opinion Leader manager as crm

IDOL, KOL, MCN management

feed history management.

IDOL, KOL, MCN management

Tiktok Live video recorder. Ins Instagram, Twitter, Facebook feed management.

IDOL, KOL, MCN management

Multi-language Support..

IDOL, KOL, MCN management

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