odoo 16 Customize OEM(Boost, Data reset)

1 click customize odoo, reset data. For quick develop. Set brand, boost, reset data, debug. Language Switcher.
Easy Delete data.reset account chart.
customize my odoo.
¥ 2.00 2.0 CNY
Advance Search Sidebar, Tree search Headbar with Hierarchy Parent Children Tree

odoo Advance Search, Advance Filter for list search, kanban search.
Date search. date range search.Datetime search.
Easy to navigator and browse any data. Support list, kanban, pivot, graph, search more view.
ztree widget.Hierarchy Tree
¥ 1,948.23 1948.23 CNY
2023最新中国企业会计表.Latest Chinese Accounting for odoo16

Multi level account chart. Chinese enhance. Focus on account chart.
Add account chart group data. Account group, Chinese tax.
Set chinese account report.
¥ 3.00 3.0 CNY
App zTree widget, Many2One Hierarchy Parent tree in m2o select

show parent tree, parent children node in m2o select field.
Use for parent children tree list select navigator.
ztree widget.
¥ 855.33 855.33 CNY
Report Direct Print and Preview. PoS direct print to local printer. Silent Print without Download

Report direct print, pdf preview without download. Pdf direct print. html direct print Preview.
POS auto print support. All odoo app like sale, purchase support.
Notice! Direct print only support chrome browser.
¥ 538.54 538.54 CNY
Multi add widget,Product batch add. 批量增加产品

Multi add products, bulk add products, mass add product in Sale Order, Purchase Order, Mrp order, BOM, Stock Picking or Account invoice. multi add partner.
One click to quick add products.
¥ 538.54 538.54 CNY
¥ 3,764.86 3764.86 CNY
Sequence by month, day, year, 日期序号器

Auto Sequence Customize the sequence interval, sequence reset by day, reset by month, reset by year. multi language support.
sequence year, sequence month, sequence day. year sequence, month sequence, day sequence.
¥ 300.95 300.95 CNY
China City, Chinese city divisions region, 中国行政区划地市数据

Dynamic select city from list only in fix state.
City, state, country manager.
customer city, supplier city, vendor city, partner city.
Chinese city data.
¥ 2,615.51 2615.51 CNY
Chinese Enhance All in One,odoo中文版套件之基础

Chinese enhance. Out of the box use odoo in china. Chinese address format, number format, money format.
Set all chinese default value. Default country, timezone, currency, partner...
¥ 3.00 3.0 CNY
Chinese Fapiao, 中国发票管理

Fapiao manage in china, chinese.
Add fapiao number to account move.
Add fapiao required or not to sale order
to do: fapiao manager.
¥ 300.95 300.95 CNY
Chinese Website,中国化网站基本模块增强

Chinese enhance. For website like icp. china website social link like qq, wechat, etc..
Set all chinese default value.
Default country, timezone, currency, partner...
base on renjie. website_china_features
¥ 142.35 142.35 CNY
Send Email Fix, No Bounce Patch

fix email mail send, fix mail delivery failed. send mail without bounce. fixed mail error.
fix SMTPSenderRefused 501. fix mail from address must be same as authorization user.
eg.Tencent QQMail enterprise in China must apply this app.
¥ 300.95 300.95 CNY
Stock Transfer Line Number, Line Sequence

Regular Stock transfer line sequence, stock picking line sequence, stock move sequence. stock line number.
Displays and print the sequence of Stock transfer line in picking and delivery.
¥ 300.95 300.95 CNY
MRP Bom Line Number, Line Number

Show and set mrp bom line sequence. bom line number.helps to maintain the order.
¥ 142.55 142.55 CNY
MRP material calculator for all bom level, material request list,MRP计划多仓多产品多层级BoM算料

MRP material calculation for all bom level, MRP Plan for multi product and warehouse, Get mrp product need before manufacture.
MRP Request plan to generate MO or PO or Stock Picking, follow your odoo procurement route.
Plan your manufacture order and produce. and easy material forecast.
¥ 2,825.82 2825.82 CNY
Product Auto Value Auto Default by Category

Product quick Auto value. Auto default value. Product Category Unique code.
Product rule by category.
¥ 300.95 300.95 CNY
App web enterprise enhance,企业版界面增强

odoo enterprise version UI theme enhance.
1. Add dropdown arrow to parent menu.
2. Replace the odoo logo to your company logo in main menu.
3. Alway show search in main menu.
¥ 538.53 538.53 CNY
App mrp Manufacturing Orders browse by state workcenter navigator

Browse mrp order, Manufacturing Orders by Materials Availability, work center.
Easy to navigator and browse any data. Support list, kanban, pivot, graph view.
ztree widget.Hierarchy Tree.
¥ 1.00 1.0 CNY
Base Data Admin, odoo master data admin.主数据-基础数据管理

Well Organize the odoo master data data admin. base data management. Add access group for master data admin.
¥ 667.12 667.12 CNY